Naviják multiplikátor Megabass ZONDA 68L ILLUSION GREEN

Kód výrobku: 31946
16 985
Dostupnost: Vyprodáno

Extremity of high rigidity, lightweight compact “bait finesse support” masterpiece machine, ZONDA, has its major point of retaining a sufficient amount of line capacity even during “power gaming”. The change of rotation and the increase of the centrifugal force are caused by the shallow groove of the spool. Megabass designed its original spool ditch by not simply making the shallow groove spool, and pursued the reduction of the spools centrifugal force. In addition the complete weight saving, the slimming of the lightweight spool and the supporting parts hold back the rotation variance during the first movement & before breaking, entering its original fine performance braking rotation system materializing the smooth cast for finesse baits. Making the materials special quality alive at every turn and the aligned decorative avant-garde design with an excellence in versatility, it received a high appraisal as a masterpiece of good design award winning modern bait reel. New ZONDA comprising a gear ratio of 6.8 and cork handle lightweight power handle as standard equipment, it could handle all possible bass fishing in a high dimension.

Výrobce: Megabass
Brzdná sila, kg: 4
Ložiska: 9
Návin na otočku, m: 0.7
Typ, L/P: L
Způsob lovu: Přívlač
Převod: 6.8:1
Hmotnost, g: 178
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